Friday "Fun"


Think the photo says it all.  It's not a bad photo, but it definitely expresses how I am feeling today.

 First of all it's another overcast, clammy kind of day.  Not unlike last weekend (the long holiday weekend), although it IS warmer.  But it's still NOT the kind of weather that lets you sit outside on your new patio.  (You KNOW I so want to sit outside on my new patio and sip some coffee or even better a cocktail or two even if my furniture is not great.  It will do for now.)  Tomorrow promises to be a sunnier day; however it also promises to be 90+ degrees.  (A trend which runs through next Thursday).  I'll be volunteering at my local thrift shop for most of Saturday morning, so the coffee is probably not going to happen and at 90+ degrees I'm not ready for an alcoholic beverage in the sun, so...The patio is NOT going anywhere; there will be plenty of time to enjoy it.  But I want to be there NOW, especially as on the of the Coreopsis plants (also known as tickseed...what a name!) is starting to bloom.  I'd say I guess I've done something right, but it was all my son's hard work.  I'm glad to see it's producing something (for now).  Still need to get more plants out there to make the area look nicer...plants and furniture and maybe a fire pit (that's what my husband is gunning for).  The summer is ahead of us, and hopefully we will enjoy it outside!

 Back to being a hot mess.  Fridays should be less stress days.  After all we are gearing up for the weekend and I'm taking Monday off.  (It's my birthday and I'm not saying again how darned old I'll be.  I'm too old, but I'd love to celebrate in some special way, but it's a Monday and I have  no plans other than making myself a cake because the vegan bakery I go to is closed on Mondays so it's up to me to do something for myself.)  But Fridays are crazy.

 I started out at 4 a.m.  I managed to get over 3 miles in.  I am walking so much slower and I don't know why.  My 17 minute mile is often becoming 20 minutes.  It may have something to do with the dark, even though (thankfully) the morning light comes earlier each day.  I'm going to blame it on that and not on my advancing age or that I'm realizing that my balance is not what it once was.  (Suggestions on improving?)

 Then it was off to Shoprite.  My husband noticed that there was no longer a mask required sign.  We wore ours as did most everyone else in the store.  (That guy in the teal jacket has not been spotted for weeks...)  For some reason today at 6 a.m. the place was jumping.  I can't say crowded, because it wasn't really, but there were a lot more people in the store than I've seen in over a year.  I guess this is a sign that we really are coming to the end of this Covid road.  (Although I don't think we are at the finish line yet.)

 After spending nearly $200 (OUCH!) we headed home and I realized that I forgot something (because I didn't place it on our digital list).  UGH.  That meant I had to run back to another store during the day.

 We got home, unloaded the groceries, packed up the kid's lunch (should have been yesterday's lunch because yesterday was a half day, but I didn't realize it until my son texted me), started a load of laundry, checked the on line circular (STILL missing getting the hard copies in the mail because if I HAD I would have NOT purchased some items at Shoprite seeing as they would be going on sale starting Sunday) and digital coupons for the other grocery store.  Drive the kid to school (no girlfriend today; she was running late) and then go pick up some flamingos and move them.

 I know, that requires explanation.  The high school theater parents organization (of which I am co-president) has an annual fundraiser (cancelled last year due to Covid) where a person can purchase a dozen (or dozens) of plastic pink flamingos and have them "roost" on someone's lawn for 24 hours. Its fun and a great fundraiser (I'd like to take credit for it, but it was started long before my time).  I've been storing the flamingos in my garage (boxes and boxes) and have a great "team."  We move several flocks daily.  Yesterday I moved a "mega" flock (3 dozen) to a lawn and didn't pick up another flock, so I did it this morning.  Moving it from one house to another. 

Then I ran to the other grocery store, where I picked up the item I forgot, along with a few other sale items, gassed up the car, came home, unloaded the groceries, moved the laundry from the washer to the dryer and THEN started my official work day!  (And there was no second cup of coffee to be had as my husband had finished the pot while I was out!  But he did put everything in the dishwasher and run it so...)

 I have several hours of "work" ahead of me before I take my "lunch" at 3.  Specifically at 3 because that's when I'm picking up my son and he will be getting his 2nd vaccination.  HOORAH!  We will finally be completely vaccinated!  Of course after that I have to drive him to work. (If he's feeling ok.  I'm pretty sure that he will, but I do have to wonder about what he'll be feeling and doing tomorrow.)

 Then it's back to work, make dinner and pick up the kid from work.  (I never know when he's going to be finished.  His days vary and there is no set schedule so the whole mealtime thing has become a crazy mess.  I'm not complaining too hard.  He's got his first job and that's something to be proud of and happy about.)  At which point I think will be way over due for a margarita (or two).  But not too many because...well...who knows what excitement tomorrow might bring.   "After all, tomorrow is another day."


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