A Bite In The...

 If you haven't already, please refer to my post earlier this week:  https://bfthsboringblog.blogspot.com/2021/06/talking-birthdays.html.  This gives background info which may or may not be helpful.

So, on my birthday I got bit in the butt.  (LITERALLY!)  I posted on a neighborhood site about the incident to warn people.  Everyone told me I HAD to report this to the police.  Being that my thoughts flow better when I write (hey, there is a reason why I am a blogger), I wrote everything down and sent it to the police department via email.  It took my time writing it (not that it took hours or anything crazy), to make sure that I included as much detail as possible.  I didn't have an address where "the incident" took place, but I could narrow it down and wanted to be as detailed as possible.

The day after I sent it, I received an email back asking me to call them.  So I did.  I gave my name and address and a brief account of what happened to the officer who answered the phone.  I made sure to say that I was calling because I had sent an email the previous day.  The officer asked if he could put me on hold and when he came back on the line said that a report could not be taken over the phone.  I would have to come down and that they were open 24/7.  

So for yesterday's morning walk, I decided to walk down to the police department.  It's important to note that "the incident" did not take place in my town, but in the next town over.  I live on the southeast end of my town, so when I walk I often end up in another town depending on what direction I go in.  (And how much I want to walk that day.)  

As I approached the parking lot (which is behind the building), I saw two officers outside talking.  I apologized for interrupting and asked them where to go to make a report.  They very kindly directed me and I easily made my way in.

I put on my mask in the vestibule (as the note on the door requested) and went to open the 2nd door, but it was locked.  A voice to my left asked how I could be helped.  I hadn't noticed that there was a bank teller like window there, probably because it was mirrored glass.  I explained that I had called and was told to come down to report aggressive dogs.

There were obviously two officers behind the glass; one female (who initiated the conversation) and one male.  I told them what had happened.  The male officer asked why I didn't come down on Monday.  I said that I had called on Tuesday.  He asked why I didn't call on Monday.  I replied that I was confundled.  (I should have said that I'd sent an email, but I didn't).  They said that they'd keep an eye on the area and that was that.  Unlike when I called in they didn't take my name or any other information.  They did ask if I called for an ambulance (no, I didn't need assistance), and if I called animal control (no, I never thought of it).

So I DID report the incident.  I did it three times.  Upon reflection, what I should have done is write everything down (as I did) and then call the police that day.  Then I should have gone down immediately (because I was not working on Monday:  which was not the case on Tuesday or Wednesday) with what I had written.  I am not a good off the cuff speaker.  If I don't have something planned, I stumble (as I did when I went in on Wednesday morning).  Lesson learned.  But I honestly hope I don't ever have to use that lesson again.


  1. Sounds like the Police would've wanted the exact address of the dog house on the day of the incident."Just the facts ma'am". I feel disappointed in their response. Thanks for posting. Knowing this will be helpful if there are any other incidences. Geez, I hope it doesn't happen again, especially on your birthday!!
    Did you take pictures of the bruises? Maybe you can talk directly to the dog owners and explain what happened.


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