The Virus Diary: Thursday Thoughts (It IS Thursday right?)


You take the good with the bad, right?  Seems like there is a lot of yin and yang in my life during this first week of February.  For example:

  • We got mail yesterday (first time since Friday or Saturday).  But since we have the snow blower on the sidewalk (and it is possible to pass by it),the mail person decided not to come all the way up to our front stoop and put the mail in the box, but instead just threw it on the stoop.  So I got soggy mail.  (Which is better than no mail right?)
  • Garbage pick-up resumed today.  However, since streets are so narrow (due to all the snow...), for safety pick up was done extra early.  Supposedly the trucks started at 3 AM this morning!  I know our trash was picked up around 4.  I have to say they were as quiet as they could be.  (Can't stop the backup beep.)  Our collectors have always gone above and beyond and I was up when they came, so they didn't disturb me!
  • School continues to be remote this week.  We only had to use one snow day this week.  While I hear complaints about not going physically back in, I'm happy that I don't have to get my car out and drive my son to school. Yes I want a return to "normal" (which isn't going to look normal no matter how you try to slice it), but I'm happy that we can do remote learning and cut down on snow days.
  • My son spilled hot(ish) coffee on my (sock covered) foot and rug this morning.  However, I wasn't burned, the carpet is dark colored and my husband immediately dried/cleaned it.  While I can say that my kid seems to be clumsier than usual, he did amazingly well on his last math test for the marking period (which ends tomorrow) so I'm giving him a pass.  (This time.)
  • Friend of mine who I love dearly and who has spent the past 11 months sheltering in place (seriously I don't think she and her husband have left their apartment more than a handful of times since last March) has somehow gotten Covid.  Her hubby has it too, but his case is mild while hers is a more severe.  I'm saying my prayers (and I'd appreciate yours too) that she doesn't end up in the hospital and that she turns the corner soon.  On the flip side, relatives who have Covid are doing well.  They never had more than (relatively) mild symptoms and are on the mend.  There is still the issue of lack of taste and smell, but we are all hopeful that things will continue to progress in the right direction. 

I suppose this week is just like any other...with its snowstorms and sunshine.  While there will always be something to complain about (and I WILL always find something), there's also always something to be grateful for.  What you or I chose to focus on is up to us.  I'll admit some days I focus on the "bad" but today, with the sun coming in my window, I chose to focus on the "good."  I'll ignore the lies and shouts of negativity (for now).  For as a wise young woman once said:  "Don't need a tourist destination to 'celebrate' life!  Take your time to explore the treasures in your own backyard."  (Amanda Gorman, 2019)  She may be young, but she is oh so wise and now more than ever, I want to celebrate my life's treasures.


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