Loving the Houndstooth


I love houndstooth.  I don't know why, I just LOVE the pattern.  I've loved it for years and I KEEP it for years.  

I think it all goes back to the jacket on the left side of the photo.  Not too long after I graduated college and had joined the working world. I purchased this from the Spiegel catalog.  (So yes, this was pre-2000 and while the internet did exist, you weren't shopping on it.) I was a young working woman and I had this "vision" of what I wanted to look like.  (Even if my body wasn't exactly right for what my imagination held.)  This jacket was part of that look.  This photo (courtesy of S. Ryan) shows me in all my trendiness. Ignore the facial expression (what is up with that?); this was me in all my working girl glory.  The leather boots and jacket from Spiegel (and cost a fortune in my young mind), the blouse was, if I recall correctly, from Chadwick's of Boston (I LOVED my catalogs) and the pants were from L.L. Bean.  (Stirrup pants; because again, trendy.)  Over the years, I got rid of the pants (come on they HAD to go), the blouse and the boots (which I regret), but I could not get rid of the jacket.  I LOVED it too much.  I wore it less and less.  I lost some weight (not enough...that's still a fight that I'm not winning, but that's a whole other story) and it became too big for me.  (Plus the shoulder pads ceased to be quite so awesome.)

Still, my love for houndstooth remains strong.  The purse that you see above, I should get rid of.  There's nothing wrong with it, but the pocket for a cell phone is slender; meant for a flip phone since it was manufactured and purchased way before the advent of cell phones.  Every time I think of getting rid of it, something stops me.  And when I saw the wallet (also in the photo above) when I was volunteering at the thrift shop, I HAD to have it.

Although, I generally gravitate to the browns when it comes to houndstooth, I'm not adverse to black and white. 

It seems like houndstooth likes me/my family just as much as we like it.  Over the weekend, my son was visiting his favorite vintage shop .  He came across a jacket that he HAD to have.  Since some nice person (yours truly) had given him a gift certificate to said store for Christmas, he bought it.  When he came home with it, I immediately pulled out MY houndstooth jacket (which was lurking in the back of the closet). We make quite a handsome pair, don't we?

What's even more amazing is that when going through the jacket more closely, he noticed written in black marker (sharpie?) on the inside pocket were the letters JLS; his initials.

Furthermore, the two of us ventured to the thrift shop on Sunday (no, it wasn't open...as volunteers after church we went down to check a few things out and to help a little.)  That's where I found:

Twinning much?  Much like the jacket my son found the day before, it fit me perfectly.  Clearly houndstooth is calling both our names.  And we are here to answer...


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