A Special Day

This is will probably be short and it will definitely be sweet.  In my mind, today is a special day; it's my husband's birthday.  And this year is a "significant" number.

 However, my husband is not into celebrating.  Which is something I can't understand...I can't get it through my brain.  How can you NOT want to celebrate?  It's your day!    Even during this pandemic I had a plan to celebrate.  I purchased lawn signs and was going to go out and get balloons, but...the lawn signs came in the mail and he saw them and he wasn't happy.  So instead of putting them out on the lawn, I decorated the downstairs. (And judging from his expression and lack of decoration when I came in from this morning's walk...that was NOT a good idea...10 demerits for Bfth.  Well, at least I can use them for my son's birthday which 13 days away.) And I never got the balloons (which was definitely the right thing to do).  It IS his day and if he doesn't want the world to celebrate; I guess I have to (sort of) honor that.  (And I guess I also kind of screwed up...I'm still learning right?)

 I did throw him a party once.  It was fifteen years ago; another "milestone" year.  But more importantly we were getting ready for the birth of our son.  Most of the presents he got from our guests were for a baby.  (Unless my mom was really trying to make a statement with the bib she gave him?)  I think it was a pretty good party and a great day. He says that was a good birthday, but that his best present came 2 weeks later.  I'm not going to argue that.

 I'd like to do something for his birthday.  Our annual "tradition" has been for me to take him out to Red Lobster.  That's NOT going to happen this year.  Even though they do take out...just no.   I did buy their biscuit mix because that's really the reason why we go.  He is in love with those biscuits.  However, I'm probably NOT going to make them tomorrow as it's going to be in the 90s again and the idea of turning on the oven (which will give me issues because of the humidity; my oven does not like humidity) even in the wee hours of the morning (because I WILL be up) is just not something I'm inclined to do.  (Although who knows maybe I'll change my mind or the temperature will suddenly drop 20 degrees.)

 So the only "special" thing I can do for this birthday, other than go out and pick up some bagels for brunch or lunch (I've already got the lox and the cream cheese) is to write this blog post.

 It's your birthday Steve.  You may not like celebrating it or making a fuss and I'll admit that I don't get that.  But that's because it IS special to me.  I want to celebrate because YOU and your birthday are important to me.  This is 25th birthday that I will be celebrating with you and it's the first (and hopefully the last) one where we are stuck in the middle of a pandemic. And if we have to be stuck in the middle of a pandemic, I'm glad I'm stuck with you.  Don't know how we'd make it through this crazy time without your level headedness.  (Who ever thought that YOU would be the calm and rational one?  No comment.)

Happy Birthday!  We'll keep it quiet and low key; and not just because that's the way you want it but because we can't do much of anything else.

 And when thing are different next year (I say hopefully) maybe you will let me celebrate you with something special.  Because YOU are special and you deserve it.

 Happy Birthday Steve!


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