A tight situation

Cold weather is here.  (She said looking out the window as the snow covers the already iced ground.)  Not my favorite time of year.  I'm a big fan of warm weather and sandals.  (Or even better bare feet.)  But that's no longer going to happen.  When it gets cold and I'm wearing a skirt or dress, pantyhose just won't cut it.  (Truth be told, I'm not a big pantyhose fan either.)  It's time to get out the tights.

I wasn't a fan of those either, until the late in the last century; by which I mean the late 1990s. I had this great maroon suit that and my husband bought me a pair of tights that matched perfectly.

However, these were not just any tights.  These were E.G. Smith tights.  They were pretty amazing.  The advertising on the package showed a large MAN and a tiny older woman, BOTH wearing the same pair of tights.  The claim was that the one size fits all tights actually did fit all.  I was skeptical.  Especially as I was (and still am) a short, overweight woman.  But to my surprise they fit.  AND there was no sagging or bagging.  (You know what I'm talking about; those dreaded "elephant ankles".  I get the all too frequently with pantyhose.)  I loved them and ended up buying several other pairs.

I still have those maroon tights. They are probably 20 years old (or more).  They've gotten some holes, which have been sewn up.  What can you expect after 2 decades?  

A few years ago, when some of my other pairs had really started to go (let's face it the "standard" colors like black, white and navy were worn more frequently than maroon), I had to toss them and I went to order more.  It wasn't that simple.  While I could still find E.G. Smith; the tights were more of a challenge.  And when I did find them, it wasn't one size fits all any more.  It was a choice of S/M or L/XL.  Based on  my weight, I kind of fall in between the 2 sizes.  I believe I bought the L/XL to be safe.  They fit, but didn't feel the same.  They were not as comfortable.  They didn't seem to have the same stretch.  I was and am disappointed.

But I kept them tucked away in my drawer and pulled them out when I needed them.  Each time I still missed the old, "classic" E.G. Smith tights.

Yesterday, I wore my maroon tights again.  Yes, the ones that were purchased for me back in the last century.  They still held up.  They are still comfortable.  But sadly, there are more and more holes and a few runs.  I need new tights.

But finding even the "new" E.G. Smith tights is a challenge.  You can find plenty of socks.  They make socks!  They are not hard to find.  But those tights; even the ones that I am not so fond of...

So I am throwing out my quest here; into the blog-osphere.  I am hoping that someone out there will read this and have the "tight" answer.  Or know someone who might and would point them in my direction.

Where can I find comfortable tights?  Tights that if not a one size fits all, ARE a size that might fit a petite, but not slender woman.  Tights that are meant for living in.  Tights that will last when well taken care of.  (Even quality tights need to be properly washed and cared for.)  Tights that come in a variety of colors.

Point me in the right direction.  Get me out of this "tight" situation and provide me with a holiday miracle!  


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