A Note for the Pickers...

I'm a believer in recycling.  I *try* to recycle and do it properly.  (My comingled items are NEVER in a plastic bag for pick up...they are ALWAYS in the can.  And though I have in the past put items in that can't be recycled, I have learned from my mistakes!)  Items that I no longer use or need and are in good condition, I donate to my thrift shop.  Putting out for the trash is a last resort for me.

With that said, I've been doing a lot of cleaning out of larger items. Items that are too big to take to the thrift shop or that I know will not be sold.  Some of them are still usable, but I don't have the time or the energy to go through the process of trying to sell.  These are the things that I put out on the curb twice a month when we are scheduled for bulk item pick up.

I have no problem with "pickers;" people who come by and go through what has been put out prior to pick up by the garbage truck.  (Aside:  as I've been going through this process for several months, I have a new admiration for the men/women who do this work.  I've always had a healthy appreciation for the work that they do.  It can't be an easy job.  But I want to send a big THANK YOU out to all of the people who do this.  You do an important job that is certainly underappreciated.)  Again, it's a case of recycle and reuse.  I don't want it; you can have it.  However, I do have a couple of notes:

  • You don't have to ask me; just take it.  I had a wonderful neighbor who was sweet enough to ask if I minded if she took a desk I had put out.  If it's out; take it.  If you can give new life to something I no longer want; that makes me happy.
  • Be careful!  I've put out tools (some in working order, some not) that could be dangerous.  If you're picking at night by flashlight or using your headlines, use caution.
  • Pick through and take whatever you want, but please don't tear through or open bags that I've tied up.  Believe me, I'm NOT hiding gems from you in a garbage bag.  I've probably tied up a bag because what's inside is gross...don't open it.
  • Take whatever you want, but please don't leave a mess.  I've tried to lay things out so that they are easily accessible; I've tried to make it easy for you.  Don't make it difficult for me.  I've already cleaned up a mess (which is why this stuff is out there); don't leave me with another one.

If you are a "picker" I encourage you to freely take whatever I have out, but please show me some respect as well.  We both have the same goal; keeping this planet a little greener.  Let's do it with a sense of appreciation each other.


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