You want a "rap battle"?  Well here you go.
Though you think I'm old, dumb and slow.
You want to show off in front of a crowd.
Don't care about family or making them proud.
You care about style and the way that you look.
But when it comes to school, you close the book.
When you talk to us you lie, lie, lie.
Are you happy when dad and mom cry?
You say the words; I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
But your actions say something else to me.
Words out of your mouth are lies, lies, lies.
Once again tears fill my eyes.

When it comes to looks you DO care,
to be "cool" you'd take any dare.
It's important for you to look "great,"
But when it comes to school work, you're filled with hate.
You laugh with your "friends," treat your parents with scorn.
Study for five minutes then look at some porn.
When it comes to life, we want you to do well,
You do what you want, tell us to go to hell.
When you talk to us you lie, lie, lie.
Must be happy to see your momma cry.

In the past you've said you'd change,
But your priorities haven't been rearranged.
You talk a really good game
But your actions are to blame.
You're not a kid, but your not a man
You WILL change, yes you CAN.
You're going to change; you're going to work
These parents didn't raise a total jerk.
There can be no more deceit and lies
I'm too tired to once again cry.

Are you embarrassed?  Did this poem bring shame?
Look at yourself; you know you're to blame.
Your words and your actions; they've brought you here.
Now all will know; both strangers and peers.
Who is the person you want to be?
Will you make us proud?  We will see.

(Yes I am angry and hurt, it is true
But you also know that I love you.
You are a good person, I know that is true
You just need to show it in ALL that you do
You ARE smart, so don't play the fool
Be true to yourself; THAT is what's "cool")


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