Driving Tips

I'm NOT a professional driver, nor do I have any special qualifications to actually talk about driving other than the fact that I drive just about every day of my life and I live in the NY Tri-State area where traffic is a horrible way of life.  If you're not from the area and are coming here, maybe this will help you out.  If you ARE from the area, maybe this will remind you of a few things.  (Or at least give you a laugh.)  So from this middle-aged lady, I give you what I hope will be some helpful tips!

  • Morning Rush Hour:  5 AM - 9:30 AM.  Afternoon Rush Hour:  3:30 - 7:30.  EVERY WEEK DAY!  If you are going to be on the road at any time during these period, expect traffic.  Lots and lots of traffic.  And I'm not just talking on the highways...I'm talking about main streets, side streets, etc.  
  • Keeping the above in mind, IGNORE what Google says about how long it will take you from Point A to Point B.  Double the time and you should be ok.  Triple it and you're usually golden. Quadruple it out and you'll go out of your mind... (Like I did when I was "trapped" on an impassable side street yesterday for 20 minutes when Google says it's a 5 minute WALK!)
  • Last year a police officer in Indiana let us all know about a unique feature in ALL cars (who knew?) that helps other drivers know where you are headed.  If you didn't see this incredibly informative video, I urge you to do so:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMO4nyZ9xG8.  EVERYONE should know about this!  Amazing!
  • Green means go.  This especially important to the person who is the first at the stop light.  When the light is red, it is so tempting to read that email.  But doing so pulls your attention away and you want to stay focused.  You don't want to be that person who is sitting there when the light turns green.  Green means go.  Pay attention to the colors on the traffic pole.  Stop on red and when it turns green go.  And I do mean go because there is a line of cars behind you trying to get somewhere (just like you) and while no one wants to sit and wait at a red light, it is worse when it is green.
  • One for the ladies:  that little illuminated mirror on the back of your sun visor is lousy.  I don't care what kind or brand of vehicle you drive, they are ALL lousy.  Don't use them to put on any kind of make up or to check your hair.  You won't get decent results.  Drive like the (proud) mess you are and then when you arrive at your destination, pull out a decent lighted compact and get the results you deserve.  Ignore the lure of the illuminated mirror, when stuck in traffic or at hat red light (see above).  Trust me!
  • Finally, make your mamma proud:  be polite!  I know, it's not easy.  There's that idiot going 25 miles an hour in the 40 mph road.  There's the guy who didn't see the above linked YouTube video and doesn't know about that cool car feature that lets you know what lane he's headed for.  It's not easy (especially when you're running late, as it seems we all are), but keep your cool.  Smile.  Turn off the news and turn on the music.  Sing aloud.  Be the driver that your parents wanted you to be (but none of us truly are).

I hope these "tips" help make your driving experience a little more pleasant.  I hope you'll review them from time to time.  (But NOT while you are driving!)  If you have any tips you'd care to share; I'd love to hear them!

See you on the road!


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