5 years.  It's hard to believe.  It's been 5 years since I started blogging.

It all started (if you might recall) because my husband bought us tickets to see Michael Nesmith in concert at the Union County Performing Arts Center on the 12th of April 2013. We were/are both long time Monkees/Nesmith fans and we both attended a concert he gave decades ago at the Lone Star Roadhouse in NYC (no longer there) before we knew each other.  (And the venue was rather small).  Any way, the performance that night 5 years ago was wonderful and I wanted to capture the experience and so I started writing.

I'm always writing.  I've done so since I was a kid.  (Yes, I still have those embarrassing notebooks full of God awful fan fiction and other dribble that I'm afraid to look at but equally afraid to trash.)  I've had a few things published. (My Beatles fan fiction is still floating around out there in the universe, which is a good thing because I don't have the original files...embarrassing but true.  Google Rooftopsession.com and you might find some of my stories through the e-zines years on line.  The last in January of 2005.)  I probably should have started a blog LONG ago (I believe I did try at one point in the early 2000s, but didn't get the gist of it so I never followed up on it.)  I write because I NEED to and most of the time WANT to. And while it would be nice to have hundreds or thousands or MILLIONS  (Dream on!) of readers/followers, it's okay with me if only a  handful of people do.  I'd still be writing if no one was reading.  Its what I do.  And I can't stop it! (Even though I try sometimes!)

The fact that more than a handful of people seem to read this makes me happy.  When more than a handful do...its pretty wonderful.  When someone gives me feedback or comments on anything I wrote, its beyond wonderful.  Writing/blogging is my way of communicating with the world; when I hear back from someone (even someone I don't know), the world is communicating back to me and that's pretty darned cool.

So today I'm celebrating 5.  And I'm thanking Michael Nesmith for his incredible concert on April 12th 2013 for inspiring me to write again.  (His concert was so good; so moving, that I HAD to write about it even if I had no place to "put it.")  And for being such a poet/wordsmith.  (Would I have known what the word propinquity meant without him?  If it weren't for Mr. Nesmith and Mr. Cole Porter, I certainly would not be able to use the word ennui in a sentence.)

Most importantly, thank YOU (whoever you may be) for taking the time to read this.  Be it today, tomorrow or years from now.  (What a thought!)  Thank you...Thank You.  THANK YOU!

(And now onward to the next blog post!)


  1. Happy blogiversary, or however you spell a made-up word. ;) I read almost all your posts (I tend to skip some of the church ones, not being a church person, myself) and if I discover I missed a post on FB, I always go back and read the old ones I missed. I look forward to the next 5 years and if I ever get my act together enough to come up with some name for a blog myself, I may eventually join you. For now though, I write in my head a lot ;)


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