No Foolin': Thank You!

We've arrived at April.  (Though it's still feeling very much like March or even February!  Who ordered the cold weather?  Who pissed off Mother Nature and why won't they stop it???  Today is the day to play pranks.  (Honestly, mine never work out so why even try?)  If you're pulling one, I hope you pull it off completely.  If you are BEING pranked, I hope you have a good sense of humor.  (And remember the Beatles will NOT be reuniting with Dhani Harrison and Julian and/or Sean Lennon filling in for their fathers. )

This April (specifically April 14th) marks four years of blogging for me.  And I'd like to thank you (whoever you may be) for reading.

I blog/write because I want to.  Most of the time I write because I have something that I have to say; I feel strongly and passionately about the topic. Sometimes it just a silly something that has popped into my head.  Or I've just got something inside of me that needs to come out and hence it arrives on the page of this blog.  Which is why I wrote this back in April of 2013:  I never really intended to keep a regular blog.  It just kind of happened.  And being a creature of habit (or OCD or just generally addicted to doing things by rote), I usually end up writing something 2 to 3 times a week. It's not because I have a lot of free time.  (Who does?)  It's because I just HAVE to.  I can't help myself!  

It has been suggested to me that as I blogger I should want to reach more people and perhaps even make money.  I wouldn't be adverse to either.  But I wasn't about to buy into somebody else plan and while I'd love to reach thousands of people (of course I want people to read what I write), I'm happy, actually THRILLED to have a small group of people who regularly read my ramblings.  (Though I don't know who all of you are, I suspect most of you are good friends of mine.   Thank you friends!)

I'll never be a "famous" blogger.  (There must be some out there; although at the moment no name comes to the top of my mind.)  I don't focus on just one subject (parenthood, politics, spirituality, etc).  My blog posts are just like me:  a mishmash of  variety of things.  This blog is not a four course meal; it is a buffet! (If I was trendier I might call it a melange!) You never know what you might find.  You try something; you may like it.  Something else might not apply to your palate.  But I appreciate your trying.  And I thank you for coming back and reading more.  If you chose to share this smorgasbord with others via word of mouth or social media, I'd appreciate it.  (Like I said, I'll never be famous, but it can't hurt to try! :) )

So whoever you are, thank you.  If you've been checking in since 2013, THANK YOU!  If you just happened to stumble on this one day and drop by occasionally, THANK YOU!  If this is the first thing that you've ever read that I've written, THANK YOU!


Now onward to the next blog post! (Whatever it might be...whenever that may be!)


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