Freeing The Toes

If February was moderate, then March was quite brutal. Thankfully we are finally here in April and spring has finally arrived.  Although today it seems like we will have a quick transition to summer before falling back to spring.  Temperatures in the NYC area are supposed to hit 80+ and for me that is cause for rejoicing!  It is time to free the toes!

Shoes may be a necessity, but there's nothing like going barefoot.  Warm weather means sand and sea between the toes.  Green grass tickling the bottom of your feet.  And it's the perfect excuse for a pedicure.  (As if one needed an excuse to get a pedicure.)

Those toes have been cramped into boots for too long.  Shoved into shoes with no fresh air and sunshine.  Is it any wonder they ache?

Free toes means the coming of lazy summer days.  (Or at least one can hope for them.)  Sitting outside and basking in the glorious warmth of the sun.  (Perhaps with a tropical drink in hand?)

Free toes mean vacations!  Travels to places exotic (and not so as well).  The promise of exploration is at hand!

Free toes bring back memories of days past.  Of running through lawn sprinklers and hiding in tall grass.   Of starry nights and catching fireflies.

Free toes mean freedom!  Relish freedom. Freedom from the cold weather.  Freedom from the winter blahs.  Freedom from the humdrum.

Celebrate and free those toes!  


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