My Electroncs Are Plotting Against Me!

My husband says I shouldn't say it.  He's a techie.  He set up our media center (in previous worlds, this would have been called our television and stereo system) and can make computer systems bend to his will.  I must be the ying to his yang;  electronics seem to hate me and they seem to love him.  (Or at least respect him.)

You think that I'm kidding?  My smart phone is continually out to make me look dumb, inept and to make my life more difficult.  Even when I'm not using it, the charge quickly drains. (Its only three years old.  I realize in the tech world that might be ancient, but that doesn't fly in the Bfth world!)  When we were on vacation, it would drain so quickly that I would have to do a mid-day charge back at the hotel.  (I was using it, but not THAT much.) Or, if I didn't, I would use the portable charging device that my techie husband bought to charge it while we were out and about.  (Proof that my husband is a true techie; he had the forethought to buy a portable charger!  Who would have thought?  Certainly not me!)  There's no real reason why it should drain so quickly; I was not using it excessively, but every time I turn around it seems the battery is low.

Another case in point, one day my phone sat at my desk, unused for the most part.  When I started the day it was at 100%.  By the end of the work day (again with little use), it was in the single digits and wanted to update itself.  I plugged it in to my car charger at the end of the day so that I could make a phone call and it wouldn't let me.  It was so drained and so determined to do its updates that it rendered itself unusable for several hours.

Further proof that my phone hates me.  One day it would not let me make phone calls.  I could receive texts, but no calls.  Eventually, I caught on to its game and rebooted it Suddenly I could make phone calls.  But for an entire morning, I was texting (which I'll admit I am lousy at) and not talking (which I am a little better at; or so I would like to think.)

Now least you think I am just cell phone challenged, let me assure you that it is not just my phone that is out to get me.  There is my Nook that is constantly changing books on me.  I pick it up and tap and find that instead of the book I was in the middle of, I am now on the last page of a book I had previously read.  Not that it loses my place on my current book; once I finally find it my last page is clearly marked and I'm ready to read.  But it rarely, if ever, immediately pulls up my current book.

Then there was my laptop that didn't want me to start the holiday weekend early.  I went to shut down my laptop and bring it home, as I do every night (per company policy).  I'd done it with no problem every night prior.  But that was at the end of the day; this was early afternoon.  It must have known that I wanted to get home and get my long weekend going.  As I went to shut it down it wanted to install 206 updates. (I was under the impression that I had received a new lap top, so I never expected so many updates.)  It warned me NOT to shut down or remove from the docking station.  So I sat there and waited.  And waited.  AND WAITED.  The office was quiet...everyone else had gone home and still I sat and waited as update after update slowly installed.  After an hour it was finally good to shut down.  And then, just as I was closing the lid, it wanted to reboot.  I closed that lid as fast as I could, shoved it into its case and headed home.

These are only a few examples of how my electronic devices are plotting against me.  There are many more.  I still can't figure out what I might have done to anger them.  Is it that I let my son use my computer instead of buying one for his own personal use?  (We'll be rectifying that soon, I promise!).  Is it that I play too much solitaire on my Nook and don't read enough?  Or is it that I blow my top too quickly when things go wrong?  (I apologize; I truly do and will try to do better in the future and hope that we can mend our rocky relationship.) If only I knew...


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