Good Bye Park; Hello Swamp

As I previously wrote, ( I left one position for another and one of the things that I was really going to miss was the park.  It was only a 10 minute (or so) walk from the industrial complex to the park, which was a haven for me.  A different world from the tractor trailers that were forever coming in and out of the complex (and tying up traffic).  When weather permitted, I loved going to the park for a mid-day break.

Now at my new job/office there is no park.  The building is surrounded by a huge parking lot and swamp land.  (Which I am sure will make commuting and parking fun when the rains come).  It doesn't sound pretty, but it is.  It may not be a park, but there is a real beauty to the area.  For me it is an unexpected area of calm.

Of course when you go out and walk by the area, there is that certain "odor," but that's negligible.  When I walk around the parking lot I see green with a slight view of the city in the distance.  There's a bench in front of the building shaded by a tree.  If unoccupied it is the perfect place to sit and read on a warm summer's day.  (I plan to find the time to do this.)  It might not be the park, but it is a bit of calm in the middle of the day. (Or perhaps even if I need five minutes to refresh I can just go out and enjoy).

Even better is the window that I sit by.  This is where I can truly appreciate the beauty of New Jersey's swamp land.  Amid the reed there are creeks.  I can watch the tides rise and fall.  (Trust me they do.  Recently in the morning I see paths of mud, but by the afternoon a gentle flow of water covers them.  Looking down on it, I can really appreciate the beauty of this area which is so often bashed by others.  (Mostly by those who are whizzing by on the truck filled turnpike.)

And then there is the wildlife.  Beautiful birds that fly or swim by.  (When the tide is right, of course.) All kinds of creatures that you might never expected in this over developed area.  Yet they manage to survive (and hopefully thrive).

So it's okay that I've said goodbye to the park.  I'm happy to say hello to the swamp.  There's more to it than you might think; if you just take the time to look. 


  1. Oh wow that is a pretty neat view for you. Hope you enjoy your new job!


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