The Next Supreme Court Justice Should Be...


Surely I'm joking, right?  Maybe not.  Think about it.  

I'm a woman so I'd help balance things out.  I'm a registered Republican.  (That should make Congress happy.  How I chose to vote may not.)  I'm not too old (at least when it comes to the Supreme Court; the youngest member was only 32...I'm older than that but a heck of lot younger than the Justice that I would be replacing). I'm relatively healthy so I could be around for a while. I have no criminal record.  (I haven't had a speeding ticket since before my son was born which would be the closest run in with the law that I can think of.) I have no political aspirations, so I would be a fresh voice.

I don't have a legal background.  I don't have to.  It's not in the requirements.  Actually there really aren't any requirements.  (An interesting and easy read can be found here:  

I would be a great choice.  Along with no political aspirations or affiliations, I have one really good character trait that makes me an ideal choice.  I have common sense!  As most of us know these days, common sense is NOT so common.  I know enough to look both ways before I cross the street; that alone should put me in the running for this position!

Another amazing thing about me is that I like to do my research and make my decisions based on what I feel is right.  I may not have a judiciary background, but I've always been a person who listens to both sides of the story and then makes her own decisions.  For example, I stated above that I am a registered Republican.  In my voting life, I have voted Democrat.  I have voted Republican.  I have even voted Independent!  It is my belief (and I'm sure some will think that this makes me naive), that we should elect/select the best person for the job, not a party or a race or a gender, etc.  I'm sure I would apply these life principles to my judiciary life.  

I believe in responsibility.  I have made mistakes.  I own up to them.  I expect others to do the same.  Truly, I will respect you more if you make a mistake and then admit it.  I'll admire you for it.  Because it means you are human and all humans make mistakes.  But it is the responsible one, who learns from it.  And that is something I try to do.

I believe that people can disagree and still work together.  I believe that people can disagree and still be friends.  I have quite a few friends who have different views on "hot topics" than I do.  Does that make me like them any less?  No!  I may not agree with their stance, but there are other things I DO agree with and plenty of facets to them and their lives that make me happy to be their friend.  (I do, however, find it annoying when people try to "sway me" to "their" side.  I'm not saying your opinion isn't valid, but once I've made up my mind, that's it.  You're not swaying me, you are annoying me!)

The only thing holding me back is that I don't have any way to get my resume to the President for his review.  Anyone out there have his cell phone number?  Can you hook me up with his LinkedIn account?  Just have him give me a call, email or even a text.  I'm good with whatever medium the President wants to use to connect with me.

Finally,  just an FYI:  I'm fine with getting a slightly smaller salary than Chief Justice John Roberts.  I know he gets paid more because he's the Chief Justice and NOT because he's a man.  (There's no room for sexism in the land's highest court) When I'm Chief Justice, I'll be sure to explain that to the new associates.


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