Cursing Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday; the beginning of Lent.  Those long 40+ days before Easter where many people give up something, or, as is becoming more of a trend these days, giving back/doing good.

I'll admit I don't know much about the actual day; other than it "kicks off" Lent.  So I did a little Googling and thought this was a concise review:   I won't be sporting ashes today.  But that doesn't mean I won't be reflecting on the meaning of the ashes.

Besides giving up this Lent season, I'm going to do my best to give of myself.  I'll say no more about that as I am giving a meditation/sermon this Sunday at my church on the subject and I don't want to completely give myself away here.  (However, I will be posting it on Sunday, if you are at all curious.)

What I do feel is important during Lent, is to reflect and be mindful.  If you are giving up something, do so mindfully.  My son agreed to give up cursing.  Not that he is spewing profanity everywhere.  As a matter of fact, he used to ask me, or his father, before he spoke, saying “Can I say a bad word?"  And if we thought it was appropriate, we'd tell him yes.  Then he would say whatever "bad word" he wanted to.  (When this first started the "bad" word was more often than not "crap."  Not that he's gotten into the pre-teen/tween phase his language is a little more "colorful" and he asks permission to do so less often.)  After he said whatever he had to say, we might have a discussion.  Was it really appropriate to use a swear word?  What did the word really mean?  Why did he feel that way?  Amazingly enough, allowing him to use bad language opened up a family dialog.  It also made me realize how often I unconsciously swear.  Words sometimes just flow out of my mouth without any thought behind them.

As a matter of fact words flew out of my mouth just this morning as I was leaving the house to take my son to school and head to work.  I was not angry, just slightly annoyed/frustrated.  As the words came out, I remembered that my son had given up profanity for Lent and that I wasn't being the best example.  I wasn't thinking before I spoke.  And although I have not given up foul language for Lent, I was trying to be more mindful.  We should all always think before we speak, although to be honest, we rarely do.  With the season of Lent upon us, I realize that I should be mindful of my words, and of my actions.  While I might not give up cursing as my son plans to, I WILL be more mindful of what comes out of my mouth.  (And perhaps as an "incentive" I will start a "swear" jar so that every time I speak without thinking I put a coin in.  If nothing else it will be interesting to see how much money I'll have accumulated by Easter morning.)

This Lent WILL be a time for me to be more reflective AND mindful.  At least that's my plan.  And if the plan works, maybe I'll be able to carry it with me throughout the entire calendar year.


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