It seems like there is an acronym for everyone and everything.  SaHM or SaHD (stay at home mom or dad), SbC (Single by Choice), WDW (Walt Disney World), LBI (Long Beach Island), etc.  I'm sure you get the point.

I was thinking about this on one of my morning walks through town.  All these letters; what do they mean to me?  What am I?  And after some thought, I realized that I am a SOMWaD.  While I'd like think that I'm unique (which would make me a USOMWaD), I know that there are probably many SOMWaDs out there.

Are you a SOMWAD; Stressed Out Mom, Wife and Daughter (or daughter-in-law)?  If you can answer "Yes" to more than half of the below, you most likely are:

  • Working or stay at home; one child or more it doesn't matter.  You live by the lists and calendars. 
  • You don't text while driving, but you do hands free phone calls to stay on top of everything.
  • You try not to judge others, but judge yourself (often harshly)
  • You help with homework, but you don't DO homework.  Sometimes you have as much difficulty comprehending your child's homework as he or she does.
  • You call your parents (or in laws) at least a couple of times a week to check in.
  • No matter how much your spouse help out; you wish he (or she) would help out more. No matter how often you ask you are always the one who does one or more of these: the laundry, the dishes, cooks, vacuums, dusts, cares for the family pet, cleans the bathroom etc.
  • You are NOT a helicopter mom, unless you count those remote control toy helicopters that can only go small distances and run out of battery power quickly.
  • You do take "me" time, but often feel guilty about it when you do or instead of relaxing you start making mental lists of things you SHOULD be doing during "me" time.
  • You have a network of people who support you and can help you out, but you rarely call on them.
  • You never get enough sleep.  
  • You know the names and locations of most (if not all) of the physicians that your parents/in-laws see, your spouse sees and your child (children see).  You know most (if not all) of their ailments/allergies/health issues.
  • You are active in a religious, social and/or charity based organization.  You try to make the world a better place for your child.  You encourage you child (children) to participate too.  (And not just so he/she/they can put it on their resume for college.)
  • No matter how many siblings you have; you are (and always will be), the primary go to child for your parents.  As they age; you become even more involved in your parent's life and know that this is the way it will be, no matter what.
  • You read the latest life hacks/helpful hints, but already know most of them.  And also know that quite a few don't work.
  • You sometimes wonder how you got here.
  • Guilt is big part of your make up.
  • You know that the two things you will never have enough of (no matter how much you have) are time and money.

There's nothing inherently wrong with being a SOMWaD, although we should all try to let go of the stressed out part.  But if I'm being honest, I know that it is part of my makeup and even if I managed to live an "easy peasy" life (ha!), I'd still manage to incorporate stress into my life.  It's who I am.  It's who we are. But maybe recognizing the "stressed out" part will help to less it a little.  


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