Why You Should Vote

In my little town, elections will be held for town council tomorrow (May 12th).  It's a little election; it's not going to determine who is President of the US or who the state governor is.  But it is an important election.  In reality ALL elections are important.

Just ask the candidate in town who lost by one vote during the last town council election.  Don't you think every vote mattered to him?  (He earned my utmost respect by conceding with grace and dignity.  He also gets my respect by running again in this election.  Obviously, he is passionate about his town.) Another candidate in this election also ran last time and did not win.  But he also must feel that he can make a difference in this town.  I admire them both for their tenacity and their dedication.

My vote, matters a great deal to both of them.  My vote does make a difference.  And yours does too. Be it local or national.  (While it may be less likely for someone to lose by just one vote in a larger election; it is possible.)

I may be considered idealistic, but we have the right to vote in the country.  We should proudly use that right.   WE  make a difference; we have a say.

Let your voice be heard.  Vote!


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