Made It To May

If April Showers bring May Flowers, what do May Flowers bring?*

We did have some damp weather during the month of April and it was definitely cooler than the average April.  We've finally made it to May and the flowers are finally starting to bloom. Has spring finally sprung?

Yesterday I went for a walk in the park closest to my office.  I was a "regular" there until the cold weather kept me away.  (That and the whole lost key saga...I still would like to know where my keys got to and why no one turned them in!)  I had walked in the park early in April when the weather had been warmer and my schedule had permitted it.  Although it felt good to be out and about, on those previous walks, the park still looked sad and dreary.  The trees were still barren, the grass not yet green, but that dingy brown/gray.

Yesterday, April 30th, I finally saw some signs of spring life.  There were a few flowers out.  The grass had started to grow and turn a healthy shade of green.  And the trees were starting to blossom.  It was warm enough to go without a coat/jacket (although I had worn one).  It finally, really and truly felt like spring.

Today, May 1st is a bit cooler and it was a bit gloomy when I left for work.  As I did my morning walk through the neighborhood (and I am so glad that I was finally able to get back to that), there was a damp chill in the air.  I wore long sleeves to work and had to fire up the small space heater under my desk.  (With the air conditioning as it is, I may be still firing it up in July!)  Still, May is here.  There is more walking in my future; though not to the park today. (I'll be heading up the block to the grocery store for some "sale items."  Those of you that know me well, know that I'm a bargain hunter and I keep an eye on all the local circulars for deals that will work for my family.")

There are only 24 days till Memorial Day, the unofficial (or should it be semi-official) start of summer.  I'm hoping the weather will permit me to be shore bound for that long weekend.  It would be good to have some warm sunshine on my face as well as some sea breeze ruffling my hair.  

We have made it to May.  Winter has finally subsided.  (Was it a mistake to write that???).  The buds are slowly starting to blossom.  Spring has been slow, but with this new month, once again I am hopeful.  As the earth starts to bloom again, won't all our spirits?

(*The answer, of course, is Pilgrims, as any good elementary age kid will tell you!)


  1. It's warming up here and my green beans and peas are sprouting (finally). I'm ready for 75-80 but not much more ;)


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