NOT the Best Daughter In Law In the World

I've always thought that I was a pretty good daughter in law. It helps that I have a pretty cool mother in law.  (No nightmare stories here...actually the only nightmares I have about my mother in law is that she might fall and break something again.  I'm too far away to physically check in with her as I'd like to.)  But I had an EPIC fail yesterday...I missed my mother-in-law's birthday.

Now I could throw my husband under the bus.  After all she is HIS mother.  Or I could point out that I did make sure that my son sent her a birthday card (which arrived towards the end of last week).  Or I could make the excuse that my life has been so crazy lately (my father is still in a "care center" recovering from a serious infection, my son has a big project due for class, I've got a full time job AND I'm speaking in front of my congregation on Sunday).  But let's lay it on the line.  I messed up.  (To be fair so did my husband.)

As I said, I've got a pretty cool mother in law.  But as good as a mother in law that she is; she is an even better grandmother.  (And in my book that's more important!)  Of course she adores my son (who wouldn't?), but there is more to it than just that.  She teaches him; she nurtures him.  He can twist her around his little finger.  She knows it and she love it.

She's taught him in unconventional ways by taking him on fun (and educational) trips.  She (along with my father in law) has shown him Washington, DC and Mystic, CT.  She takes an interest in what interest him and encourages him to learn even more.  (Part of that comes from her being a teacher for many years.  I'm so glad she was.  It’s helped MY family in more ways than I can count).

When I count my blessings, my mother in law is included.  She is more than just a blessing to me, but to my entire extended family.

So a belated Happy Birthday to my Mother In Law...You've enriched my life and made it so much better in more ways than I could even begin to count.


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