Once again it is Teacher Appreciation Week.  I know there are many "appreciation" days and weeks throughout the year, but this is one that I really think we all should focus on.  Every one's life has been impacted one way or another by a teacher; whether it be for good or bad.  (And hopefully it's been for good.)  A good teacher can change your world.  (As can a bad one, but I know that I have been lucky in my life; the good has far outweighed the bad.  I can remember most of the teachers I have had over the years from elementary school on.  Probably the ones I can't are the ones who weren't very good.)

What would we be like without teachers?  I have entrusted those in my school system to not only teach my child, but also to nurture him and help him grow.  Thus far I and my family have been greatly rewarded.  While I do my best to shape my son's life in a positive way, so too have the men and women who have taught him.

We have also been blessed with technology.  I am and have been more in touch with my son's teachers than my parents ever could have been.  While I try not to be a helicopter parent (my husband would disagree here), I do want to know what's going on.  If there is a problem, I want to know and rectify it.  Again, I have been lucky because there have not (thus far) been many problems or issues.  And if there has been one his teachers and I have worked together.

I think that's an important part of the process.  As a parent, my job is to work TOGETHER with the teacher to make sure that my child gets the best education he can.  To make sure he is challenged.  To help him over the difficulties that he might encounter.  I think it's unrealistic to expect a teacher to do it on his or her own.  We have to work together.  What is learned in the classroom has to be reinforced at home.  And I do my best to do just that.

Again, my family has been blessed (and I don't say that lightly) with teachers that have worked with us.  Teachers who are positive.  Teacher who really care about the kids in their classroom.  Teachers who go the extra mile to make sure that the kids succeed.  (And I'm not talking about standardized tests here.)

So thank you again this year to all those teachers in my family's life.  To the ones who have gotten us from pre-school through elementary.  (I can hardly believe that next year will be my son's last one in elementary school and that he will move on to junior high with my challenges and hopefully even more wonderful teachers who will help him learn and grow).  Your impact on our family will never been forgotten.  And we are all grateful for you and how you have enhanced not only the life of our son, but of our family.


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