It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

How many of you knew that today's title was a reference to that Staple's Back To School sale from I don't know how many years ago??

Yes, it is the most wonderful time of began another school year in our town.  The weather is perfect; sunny (perfect for the obligatory first day of school photos) and cool (perfect for not sweltering in the classroom).  The school supplies were safely stowed in the backpack.  (Which must have weighed at least 5 pounds and he's only in elementary school!).  Lunch was packed. (The Halloween napkin I had originally put in there was removed as I have been told that it was "embarrassing" to put in a holiday napkin prior to the first of the holiday month.  How could I have not known that etiquette???).  Then it was off for the family walk to school.  (Another annual tradition; all three of us always walk to school on the first and last day of the year.  Unlike the majority of children in the US our son walks to school 99% of the time.  For the most part he walks with one or both of his parents, but this just might be the year that he starts to head out and return on his own.  I know I was walking the same route by myself when I was younger than he is, but the times, sadly, have changed since I made the trek all those decades ago.)

My husband and I watched him go in the front doors with all the other kids and then headed off to do the errands and chores that are so much easier to do sans child.  Exciting couple that we are, it was off to do grocery shopping for the week as well as other assorted odds and ends before finally heading home for a cup of coffee. (Pumpkin Spice...and my husband makes awesome coffee...and I didn't even know that when I married him!)

While the Staples commercial is firmly planted in my head (I even saw that someone had posted the YouTube link to it on Facebook today), the song plays in my head.  Though the commercial was done to jokingly celebrate the return of school (and thus "freedom" to the adults), I do think it is a wonderful time of year.  It is a time of new beginnings for all school age children.  New things to learn and try.  New people to meet and get to know.  New challenges.

In a way, as an adult I miss that and envy teachers their ability to get a "fresh start" each September. And I wonder if instead of resolutions in January, we should actually start out fresh with a new year in the fall.  I resolve to walk with my child to school; to read more with my child; to have more patience.

I am glad my son is back in school.  I am glad that he will have so many wonderful opportunities and learning experiences this year.  I am grateful for the wonderful teachers and educators that abound in my community.

But I miss him too.  The house is quiet while he is away.  And there is no one to run up and give me a hug, just because.  (Although as he gets older this gets less and less frequent.  Maybe I don't miss my son as much as I do the little boy who wasn't embarrassed when his mom gave him a hug and kiss in front of his friends).

It is bittersweet.  It is the most wonderful time of the year!


  1. I knew exactly what you were referring to. Seems weird to go back on a Friday then have the weekend. We went back on Wed. this year for the first time - it's always been Tuesday before, and I actually went back to working at preschool the day before the kids went back. And while it's not as frequent as it used to be, my kids both still come and randomly give me hugs and kisses at 10 and 12 (though my girl definitely more than my boy). :)

  2. No back to school here but I LOVE fall. So much has been going on with me, so many physical changes and so busy with work that I hope my fall is a little calmer...


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