Good Morning...


I said these words as many times as I could on my morning walk.

Usually I don't see many people on my walks.  I'm up early and there aren't many people around.  But today I wasn't working (still employed until next Friday and trying not to be terrified about that...but that's another blog; so I got up a little later (if I make it past 5:30 AM, that's later).  And since I had no time constraints and it was lighter out, I decided to walk down and around the park.  (  It's  a beautiful place...although somewhat ruled by the Canadian Geese that have made it their home (again, that's another story).

As I started out this morning,  I remembered something that I had read somewhere out here on this great big thing called the Internet about how just saying hello can brighten some one's day.  I found this fascinating article too:

So today, as I walked to the park, around the park and back home I made sure that I said Good Morning or Hello to every single person I came upon  It didn't matter if they said hello back.  It didn't even matter if they actually heard what I was saying...I just smiled and said good morning.

Almost everyone greeted me back...and everyone was a total stranger. And if they didn't...that didn't matter to me.

Did I make anyone feel better today by saying Hello/Good Morning?  I will never know.  But I do know that  I felt better (I'm still trying to fight off that fear and run on faith.).  As a matter of fact I'm smiling as I write this.

So what harm is there is saying Good Morning or Hello?  None.  Go out there and do it.  If only once today.  Who might make a difference in someone else's life.  And if not, you just might in yours.


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