Birthdays ARE Important

Today is my husband's birthday (I won't say how old because it makes ME old).  He says birthday's aren't important to him.  That in all his years, he's only had one really good birthday...and that was eight years ago.

That WAS an important birthday.  It was one of those "milestone" number birthdays, but was also right before our son was "scheduled" to be born. I threw a party for him...simple, but fun.  We had friends from Maryland come up for the whole weekend.  We had friends from NYC and all over NJ come by.  My husband's parents and his grandfather came in from PA.  It was a fun afternoon celebration (and thankfully it was not too hot because it was outside).  And most of the presents he got that day revolved around the impending birth of our son.  (My mom gave him a bib!).

While we haven't had a party for him since, I think birthdays ARE important.  It's important to look back over the year and see what good has happened.  (Although there might have been plenty of bad in the past 12 months, there have also been many laughs and good times and today is a perfect day to focus on that).  It's a good day to reflect back on what might have not have been so great (like a diagnosis of diabetes) and seeing what progress has been made.

Birthdays are a time to celebrate.  It doesn't have to be with parties or gifts (although those are pretty nice).  It's a time to celebrate you.  And to let others celebrate wholeheartedly with you.

I'd like to remind my husband without his birthday...where would I be?  Where would our son be?  (And I know it's hard with our son being away at camp this week and not here).  Our world is a richer place because of him.

So when it's your birthday, remember to celebrate...whether it be humbly or elaborately.  Celebrate you!

(And as a side note, I hear the Duchess of Cambridge is in labor right now.  Pretty cool that a royal baby may also share a birthday with my hubby.  It will be a good reminder...even if I don't always treat him like a prince!)


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