Why Do We Wait?

When there is a death we reach out to family and friends and tell them all good things about the deceased.  But why didn't we take the time to tell the person who died how much he or she meant to us?

When someone is retiring or celebrating an anniversary, we may have a party and let that person know how much they mean to us.  But why do we wait for a special occasion?

We do we wait?

Take a minute to think about all the people who have touched your life in whatever small way it may have been and made it better.  Do they know how you feel?  Would it really hurt to take a minute to email or call and tell that person?  Would it be too embarrassing?

I have written posts about people who have made an impact on my life and on my family's life recently.  I'm glad that I finally had the chance to tell (in blog format) Andy Turner, Marilyn Varallo, Jack McEvoy, etc. how much they mean to me.  But there are so many more people out there who I haven't thanked or told them how much their words and actions have helped me.

And for the most part it wasn't anything that grandiose.  No one has given me a million dollars or anything like that.  But they were simple, unselfish gestures.  Like my former college classmate, Hope Schoen Naples, who messaged me when I needed encouragement.  She gave me insight that I didn't have and it was exactly what I needed.

So, I'm NOT going to wait.  I'm not going to sit here and write a long blog.  I'm going to find a little bit of time...maybe not every day, but at least once a week for the rest of this year (and hopefully for years to come) and reach out.  I'm going to say thank you.  I'm going to let my friends, my family and heck, even those people who I've just met in passing (like Andrea, the woman who delivers the newspaper every single day at the crack of dawn and always has a smile on her face) know what they mean to me.

I'm not going to wait. Neither should you...


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