I Wasn't The First...

 ...and I didn't get a sticker (I never get a sticker), but I DID vote.  (I believe I was #4 with my husband behind me at #5.)

It wasn't a Presidential election, but I voted.

It wasn't a Senatorial race (for me), but a House of Representative race and I voted.  I did not get to vote for the person that I voted for last time and who I would have voted for if my town had not been redistricted, but I voted.  (Not happy about that, but it's not going to stop me from casting my vote.)

I voted for members of the Board of Education even though I will not have a student in our school system for much longer.  (Thank you!  Now good thoughts for him getting into one of his top 3 schools...or even all of them.)  When it comes to the local level (board of ed, town council), I know my vote is important.  Living in a small(ish) community, candidates have lost by one vote.  (TRUE.)  So I try to always really look carefully at the candidates because they are members of my community; they are my neighbors.  They are not just names, they people I interact with.  They can impress me with their record and actions or repulse me with spam messages.  

Because I am a morning person, I always try to be at the polls when they open in the morning.  This morning I was a little late because I went with my husband.  I am usually there right when the door opens, but today at least 2 people "snuck in" before me.  However, I was pleased to be greeted, not just by my "regular" poll workers (one of whom is a family friend), but by a friend of my son's who was also working there.  Turns out some of the high school seniors in AP Government are getting a chance to be a part of the process.  A great way to transfer classroom lessons to real life.

Of course this also made me feel a little (a lot?) old and sad.  Here was the one time Snow Princess who held my (not scary) vampire's hand back in the elementary school Halloween parade.  Now she is applying to colleges and up before dawn to ensure that I have an opportunity to cast my vote.  

If this teen could get out there before the sun was over the horizon and is willing to work all day, the least we can do is get ourselves to polling place to vote today.  (That is if you haven't already voted either by mail or in person at an early voting location.)    What is important to you?  Arm yourself with the facts and make your voice heard.  This is your day.  Get out and vote.



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