Socks and Shoes

I've extolled the virtues of autumn in many a post.  I do love the season.  It's cool in the morning and evening and warm (most times) during the day.  Foliage explodes with color; every day brings a new pallet.  Pumpkin spice is in the air (and in my coffee).  It's the perfect time to snuggle up in comfy clothes.  (Pull out those oversized sweatshirts and lounge pants.)

But the one thing I don't like about the season is putting away my sandals and pulling out the socks and shoes.  I LOVE going barefoot and the first chance/warm day I have my sandals out.  There is barely a day in the summer that I am NOT wearing opened toe shoes.  I even having sandals that are designed for serious walking.  What can be better than wiggling your toes in the warm sand?

I am loathe to put shoes back in come fall.  And the first day I had to put pantyhose on; well I nearly cried.  (Ladies, you know what a pain in the tush they are anyway.)  My lovely pedicured toes had to be shoved into pumps.  It was a sad day.

And somehow, every year when I go back to shoes it seems like they are tighter than before.  Perhaps my feet have widened over the summer season?  Or maybe my feet are protesting.  Could it be that they are protesting the return to confinement?  Are they dreading the time (much as I am) when they will be doomed to heavy boots for months at a time?  (As much as I love my LL Beans lined duck shoes and Shearling boots I lived in them for way too many months this year.)

As I write this, the weather is predicted to be in the mid-70s today.  My feet are not happy to be confined to socks and loafers.  (I work in a cold office and the portable heater I bought early this year has been turned before summer was even over.)  I'll just have to content myself (and my feet) with the fact that it SHOULD be warm enough (and sunny) enough to catch a few rays this weekend.  There still might be a few chances for the "feet to go free" before we truly hit serious socks and shoes season.  And there's always fluffy socks and winter pedicures as a consolation prize.  That and the fact that there's only 257 days until next summer and surely the toes will be exposed (and freed) before then!


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