Thank God For Grandparents

In previous blog posts, I've admitted how financially tight things are for my family right now.  To be honest, "right now" has been going on for two years (when I was downsized).  Since August of 2012, I've been struggling financially as finding a new job with a similar salary proved impossible (at least just far) and finding a job period was a long and painful journey.  While I once considered myself middle class, I know now that I am part of the struggling class. (  In trying to be a realist, I'll admit that this status is most likely not going to change.  That is unless I suddenly hit the lottery and since the odds against me on that one (especially since I rarely use the dollar to try for the dream), I'm not counting on it.  While we are surviving/struggling on a single income there are things that we used to enjoy when I had a better salary and my husband had a job.  (Shameless plug here:  anyone here in the North NJ area who is in need of computer repair or assistance, let me know.  This is my husband's area of expertise and he has plenty of references.  Our problem is that he does the job well, so while clients recommend him, they don't need his services all that often.  But if you or someone who know needs an honest computer repair person, just give me a shout.)  Family vacations are pretty much a thing of the past and out of the picture for the future.  (And I had a wonderful vacation planned in my head for my big 50 that is a couple of years down the pike.)

Even though we don't enjoy the vacations we once did, my son has had some wonderful summer adventures.  And that is because of he has not one but two sets of wonderful and generous grandparents.  Because of them he has for the past 4 years enjoyed several weeks of Marine Science Camp ( as well as plenty of NJ Shore time.  This, courtesy of my parents, has only increased his love for all marine creatures.  He has also for the past two years had an opportunity to spend several weeks at sleep away camp (  His experiences there have helped him grow independent and are courtesy of my Jewish in-laws (Camp Johnsonburg is a Presbyterian Camp). Just in this past year my in-laws have taken him to visit Mystic Seaport and along with my husband they explored Washington, DC in the spring.

Before they were officially grandparents, both my parents and my in laws have been wonderfully supportive.

Even when times weren't so bad, we needed some financial assistance they were there for us.  When we asked if they would be willing to help "finance" a grandchild (no matter what path you chose, adoption is not inexpensive), they rose to the challenge.  My parents were even there at the 11th hour when we suddenly need additional funds.   There were no questions, they were there for us.  I think everyone involved would agree that it was the best investment any of us ever made.

When it comes to grand parenting, both sets of grandparents had a high bar set for them.  I was very close to my maternal grandparents (especially since they lived right next door) and my grandmother helped fund my college education.  From what I understand, my husband's maternal grandparents supported him in a multitude of ways.

So I thank God for grandparents.  My life was greatly enriched by mine and I know my son's life would not be the same without his.


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